Tasting Tour 2

TASTING (all products are our production):

Price: €25
Herbal Brandy
Prošek - Sweet Dessert Wine
Olive Oil
Arancini - Candid Orange Peels
Dried Figs Or Plums
Wine Red Homemade (Merlot)
Wine White Homemade (Marashtina)
Bread Homemede
Fresh Cheese
Cheese From Olive Oil
Olive Pate
Chickpeaes And Sesame Pate
Plate Of Diferent Kind Of Smoked Meat

Getting to know the owner

PRESENTATION - Touring the excursion site with a  presentation on 6 ethno-sittings:

  1. STONE MILL - making olive oil
  2. OLD DESTILLERY - making brandy
  3. GRAPE PRESS - making wine
  4. HAND WOODEN MILL - making flour
  5. ARANCINI - making traditional sweets

DURATION TIME: 1.5 hour (90 minutes)